Victorya is a Christian Writer and Author of 
*Chosen, 15 Minutes With Jesus 
(The Book of Forgiveness)
*Born Again, A Transformation of the Heart A Renewing of the Mind.
(The Book of Change)
* Broken Wings Wounded Hearts by ENRI 5
(The Book of Hope- Co-Author)

Victorya is the founder and CEO of Messages of Faith Ministry 2001 and its Chaplains Training Division of Chaplaincy Nevada 2009

Victorya wrote her book Chosen a
fter receiving a divine visitation and face-to-face encounter from Jesus Christ on January 21st 1998.​​

​His message was on forgiveness and to reveal to her that "the only thing that matters is God, what belongs to God goes with God, what belongs of the world stays of the world." 

Jesus instructed her;
"It is not your job to make anyone believe you, its just your job to tell them the truth, and the truth is, I Am Alive.

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